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Looking After Your Dentures...

Your teeth are your most attractive piece of jewellery. So paying a little attention to your denture can go a long way! Increase your confidence when your dentures do not cause malodour and you can laugh without feeling insecure. Have your removable denture cleaned regularly and professionally at our dental clinic!

Denture Cleaning

From £20perDenture
  • Intensive Cleaning
  • Bacteria Removal
  • Extends Life Time of Dentures
  • Removal of Stubborn Stains
  • Creates a Smooth Surface

Why Should I Clean my Dentures?

Why is it so important to have your denture carefully and, above all, professionally cleaned? The problem… Dentures change with age, and under the microscope you can see how the surface becomes increasingly rough. Cleaning done at home every day is correct and important, but it cannot prevent deposits forming and spreading, such as bacterial plaque, stubborn tartar stains caused by foodstuffs like tea, coffee, red wine and medicines strong. Stains can also appear from the use of nicotine.

Within days, these deposits will harden and trap any contamination not properly rinsed. The denture will being to lose its lustre and can become marked. When a denture is not cleaned efficiently, this can lead to unpleasant results, including: sour taste, bad breath and build of pressure spots. Due to the bacteria build-up, this can often carry risks of gingivitis, and allergic reactions. This may all sound scary, but don’t worry! We’re able to wash and completely clean and revitalise your denture using our state of the art oral cleaner. Get in touch today and starting from just £20 per denture, we’ll bring your dentures back to life.

clean vs non-clean denture comparision
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What's the Solution?

Regular and professional denture cleaning effectively removes stubborn and dangerous deposits and reduces risks. We use specialised and highly effective cleaning methods. In just 20 minutes, your denture undergoes an intense cleaning process. The result: a smooth surface free from deposits, free from bacteria and germs and totally free from odours. Although regular cleaning is vitally important, it’s also a good idea to have your dentures professionally cleaned 3-4 times a year, in order to retain their strength and function.

Professional Quality Disinfecting Tablets.

Available from our Sister company Dental Impression Kit, Nitradine – Disinfecting Tablet For Dentures & Removable Dental Appliances. Nitradine comes in tablet form saving you time and hassle. Works effectively after only 15 minutes on all types of dentures and removable dental appliances.

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